"Pesky's Unclogged"
Season 1
Episode number 20a
Airdate May 6, 2006
Written by Katherine Butler
Director(s) Dave Wasson
Guest Star(s) Jeff Bennett
Scott Bullock
Brian Doyle-Murray
Jess Harnell
Candi Milo
Executive Producer(s) Dave Polsky
Dave Wasson
Co-Executive Producer(s) Laura Perkins Brittain
Story Editor(s) Brandon Sawyer
Casting Director(s) Jamie Thomason
Charlie Adler
Episode chronology
"Best, Best Friends" "Club Hopping"
Pesky%27s_Unclogged"Pesky's Unclogged" is the twentieth episode of The Buzz on Maggie, aired on May 6, 2006. It was written by Katherine Butler. Jeff Bennett starred as Maggie's aunt Florence Pesky.

"Pesky's Unclogged" (along with "Club Hopping") has 7.9 out of 10 in ratings on, based on five votes.[1]



The securtiy.

It is the yearly Pesky reunion and the whole Pesky family clog in front of their relatives. Maggie (Jessica DiCicco) doesn't want anyone except the family to know their clog secret. When they've finished clogging, Florence (Jeff Bennett) says that she doesn't "see why we need all this security". Maggie says, "we can't let the whole world know our secret family tradition". Maggie's uncle Ern records the whole show on this video camera. When Maggie sees it, she destroys it with her clogs.

Later, Rayna (Cree Summer) comes out of a hole in the ground and says "what about the barricade? I had to dig my way..." and then she sees Maggie in a clogging dress. Rayna laughs for two days.

Florence booked the Pesky family to a talent. Maggie wants Rayna to do something insane, so everyone television station in Stickyfeet will send live, and no one will see Maggie clog. This plan doesn't work, so Maggie decides to dress up her family to rockstars and call themselves "Cloggers X" ("Clog on Log")

After the performance, everyone wants to know who the Cloggers X really are and what connection they have to Pesky family. Florence is the one that revealed the truth. But no one believed Maggie when she confessed that her family was the Cloggers X. So she had to prove it via clogging. When they saw her clog without costumes, that was the "dorkiest thing they've ever seen".

Afterwards, Frieda (Susan Tolsky) says "I never realized clogging was so unpopular". And then Chauncey (Brian Doyle-Murray) says, "maybe we should kept it our own private thing".



  • Rayna: What's about the barricade? I had to dig my way... (sees Maggie in clogging clothes) Ha ha ha, you gotta be kidding me. Ha ha ha!
    (two days later and Rayna is still laughing)
    Maggie: Rayna, it's been two days.
    Rayna: Oh, I'm sorry, Maggie. But the dress, and the shoes, and the... ha ha ha. Why didn't you warned me?
    Maggie: Why didn't I warned you? Take your reaction and multiple by a thousand. That's what my life would be like if this clogging stuff gets out!

  • Chauncey: We clog as a family. It's all for clog and clog for all!

  • News reporter: Breaking news... is what we wish we had today in Stickyfeet. Instead of nothing. No news. At all.

  • Chauncey: I don't know, Maggie. You've got a skuff on your dragon boots there, Aldrin. (Points at Pupert)
    Pupert: I'm Pupert.
    Chauncey: See! You can't even tell who we are!

  • Aldrin: I kinda like it. It makes me look even cooler than usual. And I didn't think that was possible.
    Pupert: I feel bad! To not showering before get in the pool kind of bad!

  • Florence: What in the bug sake is going on? Where is my brother? His family? This is devil clogging!

  • Pupert: I had fire in my soul! Also in my pants, was that suppose to happen?

  • News reporter: Who are cloggers X? (asking people)
    Woman: I heard they're like aliens come down to dance their way to world domination.
    Boy: They fright and fascinate me. I'm so lonely...
    Rayna: You call that a stud? I am telling you, if you could have seen those balloons!
    News reporter: And just what is their connection to the Pesky family? A sad, bored world demands answer!

  • Chet Fass: Chet Fass, Channel 12. You Peskys were at the FamilyFun show yesterday. Who are the Cloggers X?
    Pupert: Oh, I know, I know! It was... (Maggie attacks him)
    Maggie: No comment!

  • Florence: (gets arrested by the police) I'll find you, Cloggers X! You can clog, but you cannot hiiiiiide!!!

  • Chet Fass: (outside the window) Chet Fass, Channel 12 News... (Maggie pulls down the Venetian blind) Ah, nuts!

  • Florence: The answer to the identity to the Cloggers X is on this tape! Right there. You see that pink hair slipping out. I only know ONE clogger with hair like that. Now the truth can be revealed. Cloggers X is the Pesky family!
    Maggie: Lies! Lies I say! How dare you?

  • Maggie: Aunt Florence is right. We the Peskys are the Cloggers X.
    Chet Fass: Oh yeah, prove it!
    Maggie: Okay! Fine! But I've got one thing to say first. If you ever have to embarrass yourself with your family on cable, just do it! Because this is way worse!

  • Frieda: Darling, I never realized clogging was so unpopular.
    Chauncey: Maybe we should kept it our own private thing.




  • A fake title for this episode is "Pesky's Unglobbed".


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