"This is a song someone special to me wrote for someone special to him. It's not about boggers, but a promise, is a promise. This goes out to Lucy."
—Maggie before singing "Lucy".

Maggie performing "Lucy".
Song by Maggie Pesky from The Buzz on Maggie
Episode "The Price of Fame"
Recorded 2005
Genre Ballad
Length ~0:40
Writer(s) Danny Jacob and Rachelle Romberg
Producer Maggie Pesky
Maggie Pesky songs chronology
N/A "Tony the Tick"

"Lucy" is a song written by Pupert Pesky (it's actually written by Danny Jacob and Rachelle Romberg) and performed by his sister Maggie. Pupert wrote it to a fly in his class, Lucy. Maggie performed the song in front of all her fans. (see Maggie's singing career)

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