Lacey Ladybug (Laraine Newman) is a snobby ladybug that transferred from her old school in Beverly Gardens to Buzzdale Academy in Stickyfeet. She enjoys bossing other students around and acting as though she is better than them. In her only appearance she makes up an entire lie about what a superior life she had in Beverly Gardens.[1] However, Maggie unveils her lies in the end of the episode, and she becomes somewhat a normal kid- though she still remains the total snob she was to begin with.[2]

Appearance Edit

Lacey's appearance consists of;

  • Ebony hair in the tint of a darkened midnight blue to the outlines and streaks of the hair. Styled into somewhat of a wavy bob.
  • A V-cut styled dress with the patterns of apple red polka dots; ending with a frill at it's bottom tips.
  • (Common) A pair of white gloves, worn on all four of her arms and commonly worn by each character in the show.
  • High-heeled, white boots. Ending at what seems to be the knees; and decorated with two objects representing either circular balls or buttons.
  • Make-up; A dark shade of apple candy red lipstick caked across her lips. And a deep shade of sapphire blue eyeshadow spread across her eyelids. With a black mole located on the left of her upperlip to compliment her look.

Episodes Featured In;Edit

References Edit

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