Season 1
Episode number 2a
Airdate June 17, 2005
Written by Rich Rinaldi
Dan Fybel
Director(s) Dave Wasson
Executive Producer(s) Dave Polsky
Dave Wasson
Co-Executive Producer(s) Laura Perkins Brittain
Story Editor(s) Brandon Sawyer
Casting Director(s) Jamie Thomason
Charlie Adler
Episode chronology
"Ladybugged" "The Science Whatchamacallit"

"Funball" is the second episode of The Buzz on Maggie. It aried on the same day as "The Flyinator", "Ladybugged" and the second segment "The Science Whatchamacallit". It was written by Dan Fybel and Rich Rinaldi.

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Summary Edit

When Aldrin beats Pupert in basketball, Magge invites the game "Funball" to give Pupert a chance to win something.