Aldrin Jace Pesky (David Kaufman) is Maggie's 17-year-old older brother. It appears that he is well-liked at school and a successful athlete. He is muscular and a torso-heavy fly. He is voiced by David Kaufman, who also voices Danny Fenton/Phantom in Nickelodeon's, Danny Phantom.

Life style Edit

Occupations Edit

Aldrin works part-time at a local fast food restaurant called Buzz Burger.

Personality Edit

As the star jock in many sports, but mostly in football, he sometimes becomes vain and selfish. But as he points out to Maggie, he has practiced long and hard to earn this fame, while she is always cutting corners on the road to success. Of his siblings he seems to tolerate Bella the most and was visibly upset when she went missing.

His name is a reference to Buzz Aldrin, an astronaut. Like Maggie, Aldrin is selfish and only thinks about himself and what he wants but not like her, he cares about his family and friends.

Popularity Edit

Aldrin is the most popular boy at Buzzdale Academy. He plays in the football team and is the best player there, along with George. All the other players are very unpopular.

Relationships Edit

Maggie Pesky Edit

Aldrin and Maggies rivalry seems to stem from early childhood, when Maggie replaced Aldrin as uncle Zeb's "favorite" child and no amount of effort on Aldrin's part could win back that coveted position.

Pupert Pesky Edit

In addition to squabbling and competing with his sister, Aldrin often bullies his younger brother Pupert. However he views Pupert as far less of a threat than Maggie, and will sometimes team up with him to outsmart Maggie.

George Edit

George and Aldrin are best friends. They are both in Buzzdale's Football Team.


Principal Peststrip Edit

Peststrip adores Aldrin, without him, they would never win the football championship. When Aldrin got hurt and couldn't play, Peststrip was furious and pointed out Maggie as the scapegoat.